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What You Can Expect

A team of dedicated staff to be with you in your cancer care journey. Shared decision making that includes input from you, your wishes, desires and values.

Emergency Cases

0739 827 791


Get Patient Centered Experience

We walk with our patients in their cancer treatment by communicating, planning, managing their treatment, follow up and engage with them throughout in their journey towards better health.

Our services are centered towards the individual unique needs of each patient and which guarantees enhanced patient follow-up after treatment, awareness and personalized care regarding 24/7 access to our oncology team, Increasing shared decision making with a focus on educating you about treatment choices and advance care planning courses.

Dr. Jesse Opakas, Director

Laboratory Services

Our modern Lab is located within our cancer center, we are able to perform onsite lab services for our patients. We perform the majority of routine lab tests, and occasionally send samples to an outside lab for testing.


Pharmacy Services

We have a team of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and support staff who dispense prescription medications at Eldoret Oncology. The many advantages our medically integrated pharmacy offers include:

  • One-stop convenience.
  • Cancer-specific advice and consultation.
  • Patient assistance and advocacy.
  • Cost-effective.


We anticipate the challenges tomorrow may bring and develop new and innovative ways to inspire healthier people and communities.