Welcome to Eldoret Oncology Associates

Who we are

Eldoret Oncology is an independent Oncology center/Hospital offering holistic oncology care by delivering cutting-edge technology and treatment options through innovative research.

Located in a serene environment, Eldoret Oncology offers a comprehensive cancer care to enable more cancer patients to receive quality care while staying close to the critical support of family and friends.

What sets us apart?

Eldoret Oncology focuses on it’s our core mission to enhance life and preserve health by enabling access to a comprehensive, fully integrated network of the highest quality and most affordable care to our patients.

We provide Comprehensive Cancer Care that is evidence-based care to enhance life in your fight against cancer. We believe patients deserve access to the comprehensive cancer care available, the confidence to fight cancer, and the critical support of their family and friends.

Challenging diseases require exceptional insights. It is the driving passion of multidisciplinary team collectively focused on treating cancer and blood disorders with cutting-edge technology, innovation and research.